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Est. 1970

"...providing Bauer students with an experience that will expand their knowledge about the accounting profession..."

Our Mission

The Accounting Society, a non-profit student led organization at the University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer School of Business, aims to offer students a dynamic understanding of the accounting profession, aiding in informed career decisions. Through real-world preparation, leadership development, and networking opportunities with peers and professionals, we strive to cultivate confident and indispensable professionals in the accounting field.

Club Offerings

We curate a diverse range of corporate events, providing our members with opportunities to engage with accounting firms. From dynamic info sessions to interactive mock interviews, our events blend casual networking with learning. Whether you’re interested in consulting, audit, or tax, we offer valuable insights and connections.

Our fundraising events are a blend of fun and support. While bake sales remain a favorite, we also explore other engaging activities. These casual events provide an opportunity to contribute to our organization while connecting with fellow members.

We pride ourselves in an inclusive community through a range of networking events to casual mixers where you can meet other club members! These events are filled with opportunities to build meaningful relationships professionally, within the organization, and ultimately contribute to a supportive environment that drives growth.

We wouldn't be here without the community! We host a wide range of events that give back to the greater community that empowers us. These opportunities provide unique experiences that range from volunteering and charity to partnerships with local organizations. We aim to make a positive impact bigger than ourselves.

Our alumni mentorship program connects you with previous club members who are working professionals in the accounting field! All you have to do is find the mentor who you'd like to learn from and its all set! We ensure to provide a casual experience where you can learn from others.

What Makes Us Different!

Stress-Free Schedule

We offer a curated selection of events, not an overwhelming calendar.

Commuter Friendly

We get it! Events designed for busy schedules.

Small & Engaged

Our tight-knit community fosters deep connections.

Our Message

The Accounting Society welcomes you with one message: embracing collaboration, professional growth, and community engagement. You will find a supportive network that fosters professionalism, networking in the field, and helping you learn more about accounting. Through workshops, fundraising, volunteering, and networking events, we provide various interactive experience that develop leadership, connect you to the industry, and aid you in contributing to your future profession.

Corporate Sponsors 23-24


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